Our Parish


St Anne’s School is proud to be one of two parish schools in  the Seaford Parish of St Anne’s. Over recent years we have fostered a close relationship with St Joachim’s, our Partner Parish Primary School.  
A parish is one of God's ways of coming into contact with his people. The community is there to help and support one another. The Sacraments allow God to speak to us at key moments of our life. Mass is offered to sustain us through the ups and downs of everyday life.


Parish Prayer

We, the people of Seaford Parish,

strive to be followers of Jesus by being

a welcoming and supportive community,

in which the talents of all can grow

and in which we live out our faith through

word, sacrament and action.

                                                        May the Holy Family, St. Anne and St. Joachim

                                                inspire and intercede for us that we may be followers of Jesus.




Parish life enriches all the community


Through the parish of St Anne’s we celebrate important events and find comfort in times of difficulty and sadness.

Some of the key advantages of this relationship include:

  • St Anne’s Parish is a dynamic one with a myriad of programs and special groups
  • Pastoral support to school families in crisis or other need
  • School Masses and Sacramental Celebration



St Anne’s Seaford Parish Office

Parish Priest - Fr Martin Jeramais

Parish Secretary - Sumitha Moses

Parish Office Hours - Tuesday and Thursday 9am-3pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm and Saturday 10am-12pm

Phone: 94016398

Email: stannesparish@gmail.com


Please visit the Parish website at www.stannes.com.au





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