Learning and Teaching at St. Anne's

St Anne's provides an engaging and rich curriculum that promotes independence and self-motivation. We aim to develop confident learners who explore the world around them and can reflect on their personal learning journey with insight and honesty.

Our staff work collegially to create learning opportunities that aim to instill global understandings that will stay with our students as they move into the world.

We foster resilience and persistence in an environment where the community plays an active daily role, helping to nurture the whole child and develop a strong sense of self. Students are encouraged to think critically, collaborate with staff to set personal learning goals and make ethical choices.


  • Education in Faith

  • English

  • Maths

  • Inquiry

  • Digital Technologies

  • Performing Arts

  • LOTE-Italian

  • Visual Arts

  • Physical Education

  • Library

Extra Curricular

  • Instrumental Lessons

  • Choir

  • Pop Up Play

  • Chess Club

  • Mindfulness

  • Grade 5/6 Camp

  • Coding Club

Digital Technologies

St. Anne's is proud of our whole school approach to home school learning during Covid 19 last year. Our continued collaborative approach between students, families and teachers and the sensible and safe approach with internet usage has been second to none. We continue to support our students in the classroom and during there IT lessons each fortnight.

During Term 1 our whole school focus will be on Cybersafety.

Our Year 6 students will be obtaining their digital licences which will hold them in good stead heading into secondary school next year.


At St Anne's we promote sustainability

    • To nurture self esteem.

    • To enhance children's communication skills and ability to work as a team.

    • To equip children with love and respect for the outdoors.

    • To provide real life opportunities and create independent learners.

    • To teach resilience and risk taking.

    • To develop healthier bodies.

Check out our new sustainability website.