School Leadership

St. Anne's offers students opportunities to develop their leadership skills through our School and House Captains program as well as our Social Justice Committee.

Congratulations to our 2019 School Captains, House Captains and Social Justice Team. This year we also welcome students to be part of our sustainability, ICT and liturgy programs as well as our School Choir.

Students are elected by their peers for these roles, which are seen as an honor and privilege.
School Captains are our whole school leaders. Their role is to represent the school at various events and activities and to help run the school assemblies. School Captains support the vision of the school and are exemplary leaders in modelling school values.

                                                                        School Captains  Jake and Jade

School Vice Captains  Hugo and Nadini


                                                                                        House Captains
House Captains have a role in promoting and supporting their house at sports events such as the House Sports                                                 Day, Inter school Athletics Carnival and other sporting events.

Social Justice Leaders

Social Justice members are encouraged to develop leadership skills within our school by supporting classroom and other teachers and staff.  

Sustainability Captains
ICT Leaders