Deputy Principal, Religious Education and Diversity Leader
Business Manager
Reading Recovery
Learning and Teaching
Literacy Leader

Classroom Teachers:

Grade 5/6

Grade 5/6
Grade 3/4
Grade 3/4

Grade 1/2 
Grade 1/2


Specialist Teachers:
Visual Arts
Physical Education

Mr Roderick Shaw
Ms Sally Thomas

Mrs Brenda Trickey
Mrs Rikki Winduss
Mrs Tracey DiPaolo
Mrs Gill Carr
Mr Michael Sullivan

Miss Elizabeth Holst/Mrs Brook Ary
Miss Hannah O'Donnell
Ms Sally Thomas, Miss Justine LeGriffon
Mr Michael Sullivan/Mrs Gill Carr 
Mrs Dana Cadzow
Mrs Lauren Lacey/Mrs Rikki Winduss
Miss Jemima Holmes

Mrs Brooke Ary
Mrs Lauren Lacey
Mrs Catherine MacArthur
Signora Maria Morina
Learning Support Officers:
Ms Leonie Marks
Mrs Debbie Trower-Administration/OH&S
Mrs Angela Gough
Mrs Lisa Brooking-Library Tech/IT support
Mrs Lea Freeland
Mrs Jackie Canavan