Deputy Principal, Religious Education and Diversity Leader
Business Manager
Reading Recovery
Learning and Teaching

Classroom Teachers:

Grade 5/6
Grade 5/6
Grade 3/4
Grade 2/3

Grade 1

Specialist Teachers:
Visual Arts
Physical Education

Mr Roderick Shaw
Ms Sally Thomas

Mrs Brenda Trickey
Mrs Rikki Winduss
Mrs Tracey DiPaolo
Mrs Gill Carr

Ms Elizabeth Holst
Mr Michael Sullivan
Mr Michael Bush
Mrs Gill Carr and Mrs Rikki Winduss
Miss Jemima Holmes
Miss Justine Le Griffon

Mrs Brooke Ary
Miss Gabrielle Peters
Mrs Catherine MacArthur
Signora Maria Morina
Learning Support Officers:
Ms Leonie Marks
Mrs Debbie Trower-Administration
Mrs Angela Gough
Mrs Lisa Brooking-Library Tech/IT support
Mrs Lea Freeland
Mrs Jackie Canavan