Enrolment Information   
One of the signs of the strength of Catholic schools is the constantly increasing number of enrolments. More families are deciding that they want their children to experience and benefit from a Catholic education.

St Anne’s Primary School accepts enrolments from pupils residing within the Parish of Seaford.

2021 Prep Enrolments are open.

For 2021 prep enrolments, please contact the school either by telephone on 9786 4736 or email office@saseaford.catholic.edu.au to arrange an appointment with Mr Roderick Shaw, school Principal where a tour can be organised and an opportunity made available to discuss the facilities and programs we have on offer here at St. Anne's. An enrolment pack can be picked up at the time or sent out in the mail.

Following  this meeting parents will be contacted by the Parish to arrange an appointment with Father Benneth Osuagwu, Parish Priest.  Parents will be advised shortly thereafter, by mail, as to the status of their application.
Application for enrolment for all other levels will be accepted during the year if places are available. The enrolment policy applies in all cases.

Please note that all children must turn 5 years of age on or before April 30 of the year  they begin schooling. We would encourage all parents to not send their children until they are 5 years old.

Non-Catholic families are welcome at St Anne’s, if class sizes permit and they are supportive of the Catholic culture of the school. We encourage families to be supportive of our Catholic traditions and practices and that all children in the school are fully involved at all times in the life of our Catholic Community.

All families are asked to financially contribute to the school through the payment of school fees, levies and excursion costs. These fees help us to run our school effectively and thus provide the best possible education for the children in our care. Families who are struggling financially and have difficulty meeting these costs will never be discriminated against and will always be supported at our school. The Parish Priest and Principal are available to meet and discuss these issues with parents at any time.

Parents transferring from other schools need to obtain a Transfer Note from their former school before official enrolment can take place.

Children with special needs are welcome. An assessment of the child’s needs is made with the child's parents and a support group made up of the Wellbeing Coordinator, Principal and a Catholic Education Office representative. This will allow the school to implement programs best suited to the child’s needs, within the school’s philosophy, curriculum and structure.

Specific policy statements are written in the Catholic Education Integration Handbook for students with disabilities. This manual is the policy document for St Anne’s School.

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